Studio Marco Taietta


Irsap . Orimono . 2018

Orimono (織物) in Japanese: weft, warp, fabric, like the one that covers the new radiator that Irsap is to present at the next Salone del Mobile. This is the particular characteristic of the product: traditionally, radiators are incongruously made of cold materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and, in the past, cast iron. With this project I have tried to give the radiator a more material and friendly touch, adopting a contemporary textile, a rounded geometry with an appreciable diameter of 1400 mm, completely made of aluminium and clothed with Kvadrat fabric from the Remix 2 collection. A yarn made of 90% natural wool with only 10% nylon. Radiator presented in discreet and timeless colours such as: sage, brick and saffron coupled with a white frame. More desaturated tones are air-force blue and ash with an anthracite frame. The concept follows the evolution of textiles which is transferred from furnishing to building and to fixed elements in the domestic space and elsewhere. Orimono is available in a hydraulic and an electric version.

Photo: Neiko.