Studio Marco Taietta


Makro . Type Collection . 2012

Innovative elegance with a contemporary feel for the Type Collection of metal bathroom accessories. Made of metal, featuring a stylish appeal, the collection affords simple silhouettes which are sometimes accentuated and sometimes barely noticeable, with block surfaces marked by small bends which make for a broad range of tops to accessorise bathtubs, showers, wash basins and sanitary fixtures and a set of linear accessories with a bold distinguishing trait. A host of accessories, including the utility table which can also be used in the free-standing configuration (called Stool) or alongside a bathtub, the storage trays, the wall-mounted, free-standing or free standing resting against the wall towel rails and the wall-mounted shelves available in linear or side configurations, with a decorative and functional purpose too. All the bathtub and shower accessories are made of aluminium, painted white or graphite black. The other items in the accessory collection are made of steel alloy painted white, graphite black or dove gray.