Studio Marco Taietta


Xiaomi . Concept store . 2017

This concept was designed especially in case of a large-scale distribution in Europe by the giant Chinese manufacturer. Our project is based onto standard European Shopping malls’ plans. The engineering includes precast wall boards provided with inner electricity pipes and a HPL folded panels, making it matching harmoniously with the surrounding environment. The frame wall panels are quick& easy to install no matter the size of the available room and they can carry shelves, hooks and wall units with Led lights in the company’s colour. The displaying area includes Unifor‘s LessLess display tables with Delta Light’s lamps on top; the tables shall be customized for the electrical wires. At the back, a big Gorilla Glass panel with the company Logo dotted by Led lights withstanded by a back lighted big panel. The same back lighted panel shall be provided for the window display wall as well, putting into great light the latest products. The operating desk shall come in a white laminate board with faux leather top, the Lounge & waiting area will be provided with Classicon and Vitra furniture and the floor will be in Chinese blackboard granite. This project is to be considered as a simple but affordable displaying plan for Xiaomi, since it conveys the idea of suitable balance between design quality and easy large-scale production.

Project: Marco Taietta with arch. Nicoletta Rossetto.