Studio Marco Taietta


Aquileia Mosaics . Mosbuild . 2008

The greatest challenge in the project of the stand at Mosbuild in Moscow was to best present the many mosaic collections from the company of Modena in just 16 square meters! I then designed a small museum room. The stand looks like a cozy area vertically developed, consisting of walls and floor in semi reflective laminate. On the walls, black lacquered frames from the elegant and refined design, which “exhibit” the mosaic materials as if they were a real work of art. In the middle, a functional white workstation with the same color opal glass. To define the architectural volume to match the front of the stand that acts as an entrance, I thought of a panel realized with a transparent Plexiglas plate, on which pre-spaced decals with the Aquileia logo as a pattern.

Creation: A&M Production.

Photo: A&M Production.