Studio Marco Taietta


Pentax Pumps . Multifunctional space Verona . 2015

Concept for the project a multifunctional space. The brief included the reuse of two rooms of a considerable size, already tiled and heated on which to intervene to correct functional division. In the largest room a glass wall separates a meeting room from a larger space that serves as a meeting area for business or events. On the bottom behind a wall of coated glass depicting pictures that refer to water theme, there is a little distressed area, furnished with comfortable high back sofas to ensure the privacy of the guests. The smaller room is instead divided, always by a curtain wall, in a showroom space furnished with display elements in etched metal and the other portion is used as a café, where dedicated graphics on a wall tell the history of the company.

Project: arch. Nicoletta Rossetto & Marco Taietta.