Studio Marco Taietta


Aquileia Mosaics . Showroom Sassuolo . 2006

Inside the headquarters of the Fincuoghi group I designed the showroom of Aquileia Mosaics. The most interesting elements are the two materials libraries with the complete collections of the company, all tucked discreetly behind two sliding doors and three doors respectively, a neutral white mosaic covers them completely. Around, few elements tell the product: a large shower with wooden slats base, beside a comfortable bench and on the walls, exhibition panels that briefly offer the latest mosaic collections. Lighting is essential in a space of this size. To create a focused light, almost like a museum I used different dedicated spotlights, designed and manufactured by Lucifero’s that also worked on the lighting project.

Project: Marco Taietta.

Set-up: TEK Arredamenti.